THE CHURCH, pt.4: The Proper Attitudes While in God’s House

Did you know that God not only requires assembling together in public worship, but He also has standards for our attitudes toward His Church and while in those gatherings?  This teaching will focus on those proper attitudes, but also provide yet another glimpse of God's great love toward His people and how that is love is expressed.  


THE CHURCH, pt. 3: More HUGE Benefits of Attending Church

As followers of Christ, we need to acknowledge 2 things: 1) God has the right to tell us what to do, and 2) we are no longer in the driver's seat of our lives when we sign up to be Christ followers -- Jesus is.  As such, there are certain non-negotiables in walking with Christ, and one of those is the command to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.  But it is not a command without benefits.  This teaching will focus on more HUGE benefits of being regular attendees of a local church.  


The Church: God’s Gift to His People, pt. 2

More reasons why the church is so important in the life of the believer, some of which you may not have considered.  


The Church: God’s Gift to His People, pt. 1

Do you ever ask God to give you a fresh revelation of His love?  That's a good prayer to pray.  But one often-overlooked expression of that love is God's gift of the local church. In a time when the local church is a low priority in the lives of so many people and even downright discarded by some, we need to return to the ancient path of understanding the importance of and honoring this vital piece of equipment for our spiritual well-being and lifeline to God.  


MARK SUVERKRUP: A Few Important Concepts You will Learn by Attending Church

Guest speaker and BLF elder Mark Suverkrup adds to the discussion on the importance of being connected to a good, solid faith-based church with insights on what one might  learn at such a church.  


How the Church Family Functions in the Lives of Individual Families: Testimonies by Abbie Franey, and Matt & Heidi Cooley

In finishing out our series on being called out of darkness into the Kingdom of God, we arrived at the topic of God's gift of the Church and how that gift is supposed to function.  As you will hear with these testimonies from BLF members Abbie Franey and Matt & Heidi Cooley, the church isn't about just coming to meetings and hearing sermons.  It's about opportunities to support one another in times of need and BEING a blessing as much being blessed.  In short, church is the family of God, and as a family we need to be there for one another.  These testimonies are moving examples of that living truth.  


GROWING TOGETHER: Called Out, pt. 10

The Church is designed by God to be a benefit to believers in multiple ways.  But in this drive-thru society people often want a social media kind of church experience, which is not what God had in mind.  Learn in this teaching more about the amazing gift the meeting of the saints is. And be sure to listen to the end past the closing prayer when two people take the microphone to give testimonies about how the church has impacted their lives.  


CALLED OUT TO GO OUT: Called out, pt. 9

Why did God call you out of darkness into His marvelous light?  Was it only for your benefit, or did He have something more in mind?  Well, God loves you and wants you to be a part of His Kingdom, but as a member of His Kingdom He wants to partner with you to expand it.  This teaching expounds on what role He wants you to fill and how you can be a channel of His blessing to the world around you.  


“COME OUT!” : Called Out, pt. 8

When we accept the invitation to follow Christ, we also must accept the invitation to "come out from among them and be separate."  This teaching highlights five ways that we should come out of our old culture of darkness into the our new culture of the Kingdom of God -- things that are often overlooked by churchgoers in this age where we are more influenced by the culture around us than we might realize.  



God has called us out of darkness to be a light to the world.  But don't forget the mission field right within your own home.  This teaching is jammed full of hard-hitting wisdom and insight from the Scriptures for both marriages and parenting.  

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