Breakthrough 2019

What will 2019 hold in store for you?  Will it be a year of accelerated progress and growth, or a year of more of the same stuff you experienced in 2018?  Your level of responsiveness to God and passion in seeking Him will answer that question.  This teaching will shed light on how you can seek God more passionately in 2019, and thus experience more growth than you ever have.   



Power Tools 2019

In Matthew 6, Jesus provided instruction on three basic expectations of the follower of Christ.  If we can up our game in these three areas in 2019, we will rise in our spiritual lives in unexpected and powerful ways.  These are three power tools for dynamic spiritual growth in the coming year.  



It Wasn’t About the Manger

During Christmas we are often reminded about the real meaning of the holiday with the catchy phrase, "Jesus is the reason for the season."  While that's true, there's a deeper truth. Jesus' birth was prophesied hundreds of years before it actually happened in uncanny detail in the Old Testament prophetic books.  Learn in this teaching about the divine nature of Scripture, and what the birth of Jesus really accomplished.  It's a timeless message of hope for all of mankind.  



Facts vs. Truth

The Bible tells us that everything in the natural world was created by the supernatural. As such, natural law, or what we would understand as facts, are subject to a higher supernatural law, which we would understand as the truth of God's Word.  While facts seem to rule our world, facts are subject to change because a higher law - truth - can supersede the facts.  In this teaching, BLF elder, Tom Passo, teaches us how to tap into the higher law of God's supernatural truth in order to change our facts.  



Common Hindrances to Effectual Faith

In our quest to walk in faith that moves the mountains in our lives, the problem isn't just that we don't have enough faith; it's that too often our doubt negates or hinders the faith we already have.  BLF elder, Mark Suverkrup, breaks down in this excellent teaching the various areas where our faith can experience hindrances, and how to overcome them.  



THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE: After God’s Own Heart, pt. 3

Would you like to know what God's Word has to say about subjects like insecurity, astrology, and how to walk in His favor?  Drawing from the tragic example of King Saul,  this teaching is sprinkled with many nuggets of truth that will help you to avoid various pitfalls and, instead, walk in God's best.  



THE WORSHIPING WARRIOR: After God’s Own Heart, pt. 2

Would you like it to be said of you that God is with you?  Why?  Well, most people know that if God is with them in a special way, they walk in more of His favor.  And that's exactly what young David was known for.  He was a person after God's heart, and favor followed.  Learn how you can walk in the favor of God in this teaching as we learn from the character of David.  



AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART: A Study of the Life of David

It's amazing what God can do with a "God-possessed" person, someone who has a heart for God.  In this teaching we learn about David and Elkanah, two people who were God-possessed.  Even people who the world discards and thinks are unimportant, as they once did with David, God delights in honoring them as they honor God, imperfections and all. In this first teaching in the series, we begin learning what the story of David teaches us about life and faith, and how his life might just parallel yours in some ways.



THE SEVENTH HAND: What to do in Lean Times, pt. 2

If you are going through lean times right now, the principle of the Seventh Hand will help see you through and get you to a place of victory!  



What to Do in Lean Times

When challenging times hit, do you know what to do to overcome them?  Isaac knew.  David knew.  Joseph knew.  So did Moses.  Even Albert Einstein knew.  How about you?  Will your next lean time set you back, or propel you forward?  It all depends on how you respond.  This teaching will show you how.  


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