THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD: Proven and Promoted, pt. 7

Have you ever been faced with a situation where doing the right thing might not seem like it's immediately beneficial?  What do you do?  It takes faith to do the right thing anyway.  This is one of the things that the story of Joseph teaches us.  Being faithful  wherever you find yourself out of reverence for the Lord is a mark of faith, and God honors that kind of faith expressed in diligence.  Find out in this teaching why the scriptures say that God was with Joseph, and what the results are of the Presence of the Lord.  



THE PIT TEST: Proven and Promoted, pt. 6

Jesus said in this life we would have some tribulation sometimes.  Some of the pits of life we find ourselves in are just a part of life, and some of them are of our own making, like young Joseph.  But how we respond when we are in the pit determines where our lives go from that point forward.  



THE PRIDE TEST: Proven and Promoted, pt. 5

The life of Joseph provides many powerful life lessons, not only regarding what to do in various situations, but also what not to do.  The first lesson we can learn from him is how to handle a call from God and how not to handle it.  Joseph was confronted with what we are calling here, The Pride Test.  Listen in to see how he did and how you can avoid making similar mistakes that could cost you dearly.  



THE GREAT PARADOX: Proven and Promoted, part 4

It seems to be inherent in all humans to want to be great.  But the path to greatness is not what seems natural or obvious. Paradoxically, the road to greatness is exactly the opposite of what society might indicate.  Jesus taught us a different way to greatness that we discuss in this teaching, The Great Paradox.  



THE FIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY: Proven and Promoted, pt. 3

Most people are unaware of the spiritual battle waging around them everyday in the unseen world.  And the two biggest targets of the enemy forces are the church and the family.  This teaching addresses ways we can protect our spiritual lives and our families from these demonic assaults, and raise godly families in an ungodly world.  Also included here is the personal ministry at the end to several families.  



THE PROVING GROUND: Proven and Promoted, pt. 2

Soldiers in the military must undergo a process called, Basic Training, before they are ever put in a real combat situation.  Similarly, God's people also undergo training, and that training involves tests they must pass in order to be promoted to more significant roles in the Body of Christ.  This teaching deals with the first of seven tests every Christian must face and pass if you want to reach the next level of breakthrough.  



Proven and Promoted

Problems, setbacks, and disappointments can serve an important purpose in your life...IF you respond to them properly.  People who are promoted in God's kingdom must undergo a process of proving. This teaching will help give you sense of purpose, and interpret the challenges in your life differently.  



What the Story of Ruth teaches us about Leaving a Legacy of Integrity: Tom Passo

BLF elder, Tom Passo, teaches on the book of Ruth, and how that story provides an important life lesson in the multi-generational impact that walking in integrity can bring.  



ABUNDANT SUPPLY: Eating the Good of the Land, pt. 6

Too often the focus of our finances is on ourselves, but God wants us to switch that focus to His Kingdom and the benefit of other people.  And when we do that, He promises that all of our needs will be met.  This teaching will help you realize how rich you already are, and how much of a blessing you can be to others right now, right where you are. All it takes is a little tweak in your perspective.  



7 THINGS GOD DIDN’T SAY ABOUT MONEY: Eating the Good of the Land, pt. 5

Religious people are unfortunately very good at putting words in God's mouth in some cases, saying that He said things that cannot be found in Scripture.  Prepare to have some sacred cows toppled regarding your concept of money.  And prepare to have your mind broadened about God's desire to bless His people. 


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